Symphonic meets Jazz

Andrei Budescu

Photo: Bogdan Mesesan

This grandious project brings together a jazz quartet and a symphony orchestra, with Elena Mindru as a jazz vocal soloist. The successful combination between jazz and classical is the first exciting element of this production. This project is the largest one from Elena Mindru’s work in terms of orchestration. It unites musicians and public from two different areas and presents both genres from a new, different perspective.
The repertoire presents the skilful composers, arrangers and performers from jazz and classical music areas working together, using the instruments in an innovative way. All the works have been premiered or orchestrated specially for this wonderful project. Up to now, the works have been performed in concerts with the “Transilvania” State Symphony Orchestra from Cluj-Napoca, Romania (February 2014, conductor Sabin Pautza and June 2015, conductor Tiberiu Soare) and the Târgu Mureș State Symphonic Orchestra (2015, conductor Sabin Pautza)
In 2016 new performances will be brought to Timișoara and Târgu Mureș and in 2017 the project will reach Bucharest.

List of the works performed:
Sebastian Dumitrescu – Cântecul ploaiei
George Gershwin – Fascinating Rhythm (arr. Elena Mîndru & Tuomas J. Turunen)
Sampo Kasurinen – Alice
Răzvan Metea – Hold On
Elena Mîndru – Evening in Romania
Visa Oscar – Borderline
Visa Oscar – Little Equilibrist
Sabin Pautza – Big Band Vocal 1
Sabin Pautza – Oldies and Goodies (Latino)
Artturi Rönkä – Beyond Time
Alex Simu – O inimă
Tuomas J. Turunen – Swan
Dan Variu – Funky Goat
Dan Variu – Grande Entree et Passacaille